Monday, April 5, 2010

40 days till my birthday, I am hoping to Ramp up and lose some weight before the big 26! strangely enough i weighed in at 260.

I am training for a 5k run/walk corp challenge with my company and it is going to be may 27th.

I am working up to 30min running/jogging. we'll see how that goes. I have a workout over my lunch break.

I am watching my intake. I am going to try to eat a less processed food diet for the next 40days.

its like Lent all over again! Woot lolz

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 0

So i am going to give this a better shot. by this time next year I wont recognize myself. I am going to loose enough weight to fit into some decent looking pants, nice dress shirts with Ties and I plan on being much happier.

I am going to loose weight- if i have to Die trying.

I am going to be working out atleast 5 days a week. I have access to a Gym at my office where i can take my lunch break. I will be starting off with a Good diet full of Complex carbs, salads, and alot of lean proteins.

My routine will involve 3 days a week of cardio and two days of Weight training.
at least in the beginning.

Tomorrow is monday a day for cardio. I will be trying to get about 30-45 mins in depending on how packed the Gym is. I may have to take a really early lunch just to get a machine that i like.

I guess we'll see.

This morining's weight was 255.2 lbs
My birthday is may 14 and that is about 5 months away .... I'm going to try 10 pounds this 1st month. then we'll see if i can keep that up. I work full time and try to be a dad and husband the other 2/3rds of the day.

I will be following along with The Biggest Looser since it is a source of encouragement for me. I am very hopeful with the newyear and wish the very best to anyone and everyone who may read this blog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Feb 17th, Onward and Upward.

So we got another Scale, this one is giving me more consistent readings.

Sunday i weighed in at 257.1lbs, a hectic day sunday and monday resulted in some binge eating.

yesterday however i picked up a copy of P90X a home Fitness DvD compilation. I found it used on Craigs list, it came with all the goodies i need to follow.

Realistically i have not the time or energy to develop my own routines. I just get about an Hour at work everyday to use the Gym.- not bad, more than enough time to get it done.

So, i am going to try to track my Daily intake online- here on my Blog.

So Today

8:30 - ready Made Protein Shake.

11:30 - Chicken, Turkey and Bacon Wrap- Chipoltle Mayo, lots of greens, on a large wheat Wrap

3:15 - 1 cups of skim milk and 1.5 cups of cherrios.

Woot- drink lots of water too.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Great Days ahead-

This blog will help me record and Chart my progress as I strive to transform my life, my body and my spirit.

Since I could remember I was always a heavy kid. Back in highschool I took Weight loss supplements and took up weightlifting as a hobby, i lost some weight found my shoulders and really loved it. Now almost a decade later i am still lifting weights and sadly put on the weight, and more, and well .. even more than ever.

If we were to do a time line with my weight it would look something like this

2001 = 181 - Lightest and fittest. - I recall an Electric Bodyfat test that measured me at 155Lbs of muscle.
2003 = 210 - Lived in hawaii for an Intership while on summer vacation from College.
2004 = 220 - lived in spain and taught english to spanish kids at a summer camp
2007 = 240 - Got married and Went to Jamaica- looked pretty fit.
Oct 2008 = 270
Dec 2008 = 257
Today- I guess we'll see.

My life has taken many directions, my stress levels have climbed and leveled off and often taken serious dips. - I manage my stress in a number of different ways. I workout 5 days a week almost religiously. That keeps me pretty sane. when i get stressed though, i have a tendancy to eat to make myself feel better.- In my home growing up- whenever i was Sick and not feeling well my mom made me food that made me feel good. So alot of things have compounded and as you can see from the time line above there are some changes being made.

I have a rather lengthy story and across the life of this blog you, the reader will be able to join me in my progress and hopefully not much Digress.

So, the reason this isn't the first entry is because i have been really busy with a newborn, He is really awesome and has taken alot of my time. Also, i was taking some online classes and really could not spare any time for it.

The reason i am posting this today is because i am getting my initial Vitals for my weight loss Journey. If you ever had to struggle with weight you'll know why this Blog starts off with the word seems like an endless battle. Luckily i have a supportive family and all of the knowledge to get me to where i want to be. This evening i am going to a Local Hospital to have a body fat assesment performed. They will take all of my measurements and come up with a % that i have to start working on. I am in my mid 20s so i am looking to bring my body fat percentage to below 20%. Idealy 15-18% would be great. Like i said earlier I workout alot- mostly anerobic workouts. I am however slowly bringing in the walking/running.

Today- on my lunch break from work i am going to be walking for 28 mins and running for 2. Then i will be walking up 10 flights of stairs and strechting for a while in a Dry sauna.

This week I will try to include Pictures of myself- down the timeline. Also i will be including a picture from today. This will aide me in journey.

I would like to welcome anyone who reads this to follow along, to leave comments that are encouraging and constructive. My journey is similar to alot of people's and i would like you to follow me, and watch as i amaze the world, my friends, family, and myself.

I present the Saga of Change.